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(Updated) Ataraxia Application .:Lorence Zestas:. by Caly-Boy (Updated) Ataraxia Application .:Lorence Zestas:. by Caly-Boy
(I would also like to thank my internet sister :iconmorbidhorrors: for doing this for me even if it stressed her out as far as the moon and stars will go though the universe. [Basically it did a lot it was mostly the hair])

[Edit 1] : After seeing if people thought it'd be logical I've given him that Aura seeing ability like the actual pokemon. The way to tell when he's using it is when he has his eyes are closed and his hair on the back of his head is standing up as if it were trying to pull it's self off the back of his head. Weird I know =7=.

: Lorence Zestas

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Year: 2nd 

Aspiration: Psychologist

Sexuality: Bisexual 

Pokemon: Lucario

Height: 6'1

-He can get really silly if you get him going on a topic he loves. 

-He is timid to you if he doesn't know you but if he gets to know you he will befriend you and open up
-He can get rather serious if he doesn't like a certain topic.

House: Boys East District House 14.

Job: None for the moment

-The mind and all it's secrets. 

-Candy, sweets the hype inducing stuff. 
-Writing and talking with others around him. 
-Partying, fun the usual inner child bringing essentials.
-Helping friends and family with emotional issues like a free therapist of sorts.

-Disruptions during class.

-Annoying things.
-Aside from that he has nothing else he really just hates disruptions when there shouldn't be. 

Personality: He may seem like a timid individual but he is a kind hearted intelligent Lucario gijinka who enjoys meeting new friends and helping them out if they have emotional or mental issues like stress or heart break. He likes to think of himself as a Therapist or Psychologist of sorts helping others out with problems. He can get serious in a snap due to him having a short fuse of anger during certain parts of his day along with a short fuse of getting annoyed. But none the less he likes to hear what everybody has to say and what they're interested in. He also has a strict believe in equality and despises those who berate others for being different than themselves. Much like the humans do to the gijinka. But he is also very emotional when being berated himself or being beat on due to him having a weak spot for being judged by others and or his peers. He has a soul of kindness but he has a heart full of weaknesses.

BIO: Lorence may look like a punk but he is an intelligent gijinka with a heart of gold none the less. While starting his first day of elementary school his parent's Zeke Zestas and Lily Zestas told him before he went he had to hide all his abnormal features with a hoodie and pants every year of school from here on out due to the normal humans shunning and disliking gijinka's. He did this like his parents asked up in till his freshmen year of high school. Lorence as he grew older began to mature and become more adult like around 15 years of age so he began to think more like an wise man.But as he learned more about the revolts from histories past he began to start his own revolt and going against against his parents wishes he took off all garments hiding his gijinka-ness or at least exposed them and began to protest against the hatred of gijinka's with his fellow disguised gijinka's up in till he got expelled the same year due to the protesting. After he was expelled he began tosearch for a heaven him and his fellow gijinka's that helped him during the protest's and oppression. Eventually he came across Ataraxia Academy a gijinka's only Academy that actually supports who he is. He began to think he could become a Psychologist in the mentality and emotional problems and how to naturally heal the depression and thinking less of ones self from the oppression from the humans if any young gijinka's were being put down or any older ones were being put down in schools to further his protest against gijinka oppression. He then began his quest to become a Psychologist of all trades from the Academy. As well as make some friends along the way.

(Character Extra's)
He likes music from outside the current homeland of the Academy 
He enjoy's to sing even duets if he builds up the courage 
He may be 17 but he's already been "inside" someone... >.> <.< 

(OOC Extra's)
I RP on Skype (My Skype is djcal111)
Or on Notes 
Skype is more preferred though, Also if you even wanna call me or talk I'm always open 
OOC as well to talk. 
But notes are fine as well friends. 
Also please note I am a little shy when it comes to meeting new people on skype chat heh heh.

Art (c) MorbidHorrors
Info/Oc (c) Caly-Boy
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